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Very poor MPG TDDi estate

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I've got a TDDI estate - Y plate with about 150k on the clock.

I do a lot of miles, mainly motorway and struggle to get over 40mpg. I cruise at between 65mph and 75mph and get anything from 34 to 40mpg.

In town its always below 30mpg. I drive carefully all the time, and use the cruise control on the motorway.

Any ideas why the economy is so bad or are these diesels just not that good?

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How are you working it out?

More efficient without using the cruise control. When you approach an incline you slowly build your speed up and let it reduce as you reach the top. Then let gravity help pickup the speed again.

All good in theory but rarely happens, Just too much traffic these days.

Handbook says in a non urban enviroment you should get 60mpg, I presume thats done indoors on rollers with a stripped engine (no ancillaries).

During the snow i got 28mpg, But my average speed was 12mph so unlikely to get lots to gallon.

How long have you owned it & monitored the fuel consumption?
I have a 2002 modneo estate 130bhp and get a maximum of 125miles with £20, and thats with motorway driving. Town driving its about 80 - 90 miles with £20 diesel.
I have the TDDi in Saloon form and generally achieve around the mid 40s on average. I cover a fairly even mixture of urban and non-urban miles day to day. When I go anywhere long-distance the mpg goes up a little too.

Obviously the usual things to check are tyre pressures, fuel and air filters, oil and oil filter changes.

In previous cars I have always aimed to keep the revs as low as possible to achieve good MPG but I think these engines seem to like a bit more life in them - I find around 1500 to 2500 gives me the best return without affecting performance.

What brand diesel do you use out of interest?
After full tank, I reset the miles, when its time to fill up again I divide the number of litres by 4.454 (gallon UK), which gives a gallon figure, and divide the number of miles by that number, aka mpg.

I've seen 45mpg but that was ridiculously slow at 60mph on a 400 mile motorway drive.

I refuse to believe that using cruise control should mean a consumption of 37-39mpg at 70mph unless these just aren't good diesels?

No black smoke as far as I can see, I've done a MAF sensor clean and keep it regularly serviced.

Done 8k miles since I got it in December and its never got me more than 40mpg on average.
My 2002 TDDi Ghia estate returns about 44 on mixed use with few short trips. Short trips slaughter the economy I find.
I got a touch over 55mpg (worked out manually) driving to Poland from Calais in very bad snow conditions which I was amazed at.

I get about 45mpg ish normally, less in London though but lets face it, you got a mile every hour :S
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