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Votes please

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Ive £300 spare, which do i do

Buy a set of ghia/zetec alloys to polish up


Fit a Decat, get a remap and some wheel trims?
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Decat & remap any day!!!

Then beers with the change...

keep your cash and save for a zetec s or st. or blow it all on beer!
Agree with NickF
How you spend it depends on whether or not you've just had big bills.
If you've just had a clutch/dmf or injectors, then spend away. If not proceed with caution.
Remap is the way i would go (and will hopefully soon). Tho Sir Paolo does have a good point, would be typical of something happening shortly after spending on extras.
Out of couriousity how much does the average remap cost? Would be to send a 130bhp upto the 165bhp mark.
decat £65
remap £180-£200
wheel trims - couple of hours in the cinema carpark tonight

decat first i think, extra torque, maybe a tad more mpg
remap would be the 1st thing id do. wheels look good but a quicker smoother and torquier car is so much better
I can understand a decat, its a pipe which removes the catalytic converter, simples

the remap is a black art, plus im worried about any big increase in BHP cos knowing me id be "over-using" it
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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