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Just stuck four new tyres on my car and thought I would share some info with you lot.

Ideally I wanted some all singing all dancing michelin 120quid a corner jobbies but couldn't really afford them just now. I was advised to try out some vredestein Guigiaro thingy' below. They were 72quid a corner for my car which are 205/45 17. I was recomended them by someone who has a saph cossie and swears by them. They look great and perform great as well. They have won autocar tyre tests for the last four years running, beating off michelin, bridgestone and pirelli. I'm well chuffed with them, time will tell how well they wear but for the money I'm very happy so far.

So if your looking for some tyres but can't quite afford the ones you want, try 'em... :L

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