• Ford demonstrates SYNC 2 that allows drivers to control key in-car systems using simple, natural voice commands and a new high-resolution eight-inch colour touch screen
  • Drivers talk to their car using simple, conversational language to operate phone, entertainment, climate and navigation systems ; MICHELIN guide helps with food choices
  • Simplified dashboard with fewer buttons features easy-to-operate, high-resolution eight-inch touch screen; navigation screen features detailed intersections, 3D junctions and landmarks
The new Ford Focus will debut SYNC 2 in Europe, Ford's advanced connectivity system that enables drivers to control key in-car systems using simple, natural voice commands and a new high-resolution eight-inch colour touch screen.

The SYNC 2 features in the new Focus make it easier to control the car's entertainment system, climate control, satellite navigation and linked mobile devices using voice commands. In addition, SYNC 2 also features simplified, dashboard controls.

Simply pushing the voice control button and saying "I'm hungry" will bring up a list of local restaurants. If your need for food is less urgent, you can use the MICHELIN guide to choose a restaurant. SYNC 2 will connect you by phone to the restaurant to book a table and then guide you there.

Entering a navigation address is also simplified. Rather than reciting the address in stages, you can say the full address at once, and SYNC 2 will bring up directions. For points of interest, you don't even need an address - simply say "Picasso Museum" or "Eiffel Tower". The SYNC 2 navigation system is supported by map services provider HERE, enabling landmarks and major junctions to be displayed in 3D.

"We have developed SYNC 2 so it is simple and intuitive for drivers to use, and it seamlessly
switches between touch screen and voice commands," said Christof Kellerwessel, chief engineer, Electronic and Electrical Systems Engineering, Ford of Europe. "Drivers will be able to control more in-car systems than ever before, while keeping their eyes on the road and their hands on the wheel."

If you're hot, say "Max AC" to cool down quickly, or be more specific by saying "Temperature 20 degrees".

Plug in your MP3 device and you can hear the music you want simply by asking SYNC 2 to play the artist or track you want. There's no need to recite a string of commands. Cover art is also displayed on screen with compatible players. Connectivity is delivered via Bluetooth, USB and SD card ports.

Customers can place hands-free phone calls with the command "Call <name>", without first having to give the command "Phone", while the system is in audio, navigation or another mode.
SYNC 2 also features Ford's Emergency Assistance, which directly connects the vehicle occupants to local emergency services operators after an accident, in the correct language for the region.

Following its debut in Europe on the new Focus, SYNC 2 also will be introduced on the new Mondeo later this year, as well as the new Mustang when it is launched in 2015.