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Just passed in April and I am on my first car, I really wanted to learn about car maintance but need someone and a place to guide me on what to and not do. I am happy to volunteer a day to get some experience, I am based in east London (Tower Hamlets). Or if ther is some with a garage who want a extra had I am happy to come in and give a lending hand.

Any type of experience would be great.

Many thanks

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Hey mate check out mighty car mods on YouTube great guys and do great videos on how to DIY your car it's helped me out a treat

Plus go down to your local garages and ask if they can let you learn from them too

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Enrol yourself on an imi600 course at your local college it cost me £130 for a year 1 evening a week for 2 years and you come out a qualified mechanic I only did it so I could fix my own car and its saved me thousands on repairs and maintenance over the years.

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if you buy a haynes for your car, and start on the easy jobs you will learn in no time and will not have to attend anywhere. if you use a helpful forum then the advice you recieve will help when the haynes isnt enough.

you will definatley need :

1/4" ratchet and sockets
3/8" ratchet and sockets
lump hammer
pliers (normal, long nose, and wire cutter)
spanner set
plusgas (like a wd40 on steroids)
trolley jack

i also reccommend a 12v impact wrench too
and socket converter set

also a wire crimper and crimp terminals.

if you spent an afternoon buying all this it would cost around £120-150 quid if you spent carefully and youd save that in no time at all doing brakes and oil changes, then you own all the tools too.

of course over time you will require more tools and after a few years you will have loads and will start getting quite handy!
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