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Wanted: Mk6 Escort Cab Motor

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Hi All,

Does anyone have a roof Motor available for a MK6 cab. Genuine number is 1033316.
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Does the motor spin? You can get a new impeller cheaply.

Is the motor getting power? Oil topped up?
Yes the motor was spinning and i got a new metal impeller but now its stopped working all together :(
Thought the impeller should be plastic not metal? Have you tried removing the impeller
and check if the motor still turns? Maybe the impeller jamming it.
Yes the original impeller was plastic i purchased a metal upgrade. When i take the impeller off the motor still is not making a noise :(
Where are you located ?

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Hi I'm Telford in the Midlands
Have you considered using the pump from a different make/model (e.g. Peugeot 206cc) and adapting to suit the wiring & hydraulic hoses?
Warning scammers maybe sending you private messages with contact details. They do not have the items
they claim to have and are just trying to scam you.
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