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Weird A/C issue

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Earlier in the year I noticed that the air con on the drivers side wasn't cold but the passenger side was. I pulled over and turned the engine off and restarted and it was working fine. It has now been like this ever since, sometimes it works fine and sometimes it doesn't work and I need to restart the engine 2 or 3 times to get it working.

It has been regassed but the guy that did it didn't know what the issue could be. He suggested taking to a Ford dealer but that sounds expensive to me!

It's a 2012 Mondeo TDCi

Thanks for any helps guys n gals
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I suspect that your problem lies with the climate control unit rather than the actual air conditioning system as such.
The A/C system comprises of a Compressor, condensor, pipes and an evaporator. The evaporator takes heat from the interior and transfers it to the refrigerant (gas) which is circulated by the compressor pump. The refrigerant is cooled again by cooler air passing over the condensor.
In a similar manner, heat from the engine is carried by the coolant through a heater matrix inside the cabin in order to provide occupants with warmth.
It is the climate control system that provides control of the temperature in the cabin by way of mixing the two 'sources' accordingly - and, with the mondeo, it does this seperately for driver and passenger.
So regassing the system will make no difference whatsover
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