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hello people hope you can help

from one of my last posts about my mates mk1 focus,

Him n his dad(seasoned mechanic) has replaced his turbo after going (bend shaft or seals gone grinding to one side and a big gap on the other.

Hes replaced it with a known working recond turbo, now they noticed the egr was blanked off but the last owner didn't even bother to clean it or the exhaust manifold before blanking so it had half inch of carbon build up.

My mate dad being a garage mechanic just went down the road of bolting the new turbo and parts back on with out cleaning the carbon and not changing the oil.

My mate is now getting a strange "rev rev rev rev" after warm up in very short bursts, but only I reckon 1-200rpm range in quick succession, not like the normal hunting where it revs to 1000rpm then down to 400 or so.

he puts a/c on and it goes away very strange.

Its a diesel,

what do people think (cleaning maf, egr, exhaust manifold, idle control valve??) or an o2 sensor? there are no eml codes either and power is there no loss

Any help would be great
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