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On behalf of the TalkFord management team, welcome to the site...

There's loads here for you to participate in, so please take the time to read the following general information and explore some of this site via the links (the bits underlined) in this post as it will help you get familiar with what's available & where on

NOTE: If you are reading this as a forum Guest, why not become a registered member...?
Standard membership is FREE, and is a quick & easy to become a TalkFord member! Click > HERE < to go through the registration process

Many forums & sections worth visiting are within the Ford Zone, please take time to explore this area...

We have an excellent set of Technical forums for you to post your problems, queries or questions in.
They are very comprehensive and have been split down to specific Ford marques, which are:
MONDEO (all Mk's) - FOCUS (all Mk's) - FIESTA (all Mk's) - COUGAR - PUMA - KA - GALAXY - S-MAX - C-MAX - FUSION - KUGA...

For the Ford marques that are more ''Old Skool'' a set of Technical forums are available too, currently including;
ESCORT & ORION (all Mk's) , - CAPRI (all Mk's) - CORTINA (all Mk's) - GRANADA & SCORPIO (all Mk's)...

If all that wasn't enough, TalkFord also has a busy set of off-topic forums, in the community zone.

Please try to maintain good Manners & Conduct whilst using, and TRY NOT TO USE CAPITALS as this is seen in forums as shouting and is not regarded as good net-etiquette. It may also provoke a response that you dont like, as it may have lead to the reader misunderstanding your reasons behind it...!

Need forum guidance or have an idea? Then post your thread in the Questions/Suggestions/Problems section

Finally. Please familiarise yourself with the site and acquaint yourself with the Board RULES
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