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What are these? And MAF question

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Hi guys I discovered that I have a little pipe leak as it’s cracked, does anyone know what that pipe is for and if they have a code (to look for a purchase)

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Also I’m in doubt about my MAF working properly, I’ve done the test: disconnected it while the car was running and the car didn’t turn off itself, is it a valid test with this car?
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Brake booster/brake servo pipe. Use your VIN on Ford -

Or just get a piece of pipe the correct size from an car accessory/parts store.
Ok thanks, went to a part shop and just bought a piece of pipe, seems to work pretty good!
MAF answer : no it's not a valid test on the mk3.;disconnecting the maf won't stall the engine.
Thanks Nicam!
Just another question, I’ve noticed that my injectors follow the order from left to right of the engine and not 1-4-3-2 like in the sticker, is that correct? This thing is so confusing
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1-3-4-2 is the FIRING order of the cylinders. Does that make it clearer?
If you've still got the original injectors fitted, they shld be in the cylinders as numbered on the sticker. You can quickly check this by taking pics of the labels on the injectors and comparing the 16-digit hex codes with those on the sticker.
Thank for the reply Nicam.

Kinda, I already new that and I checked the labels already!

Last year I took the injectors apart to give them a good clean as I was getting the ignition coil light and limp mode!
But I did label them and put them back in the same place!

But I bought the car 2 years ago and it’s from late 2003, so who knows what has been done to the car before I bought it…

So to clarify, on the engine from left to right I should read the injectors labels on this order right?

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Correct! Cylinder #1 being closest to crank pulley end and cylinder #4 closest to battery end.
Ok perfect, than it’s all fine!!

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