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What bolt?

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This is me being lazy, well I have no time, due to moving house and lots to do at work :-(

But anyone know (I am a bit worried if you don't have to look it up), or have a way to look up, the size bolt that holds the calliper hanger onto the hub assembly? I know the head on one is rounded badly and I need to change the hub this weekend and don't really have the time to take it off, then get to a factors and back. If anyone knew I would really appreciate it!
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If you're talking rear caliper, it's 13mm. More details here.
Cheers for the reply, I was talking about the rears' (on an estate if it matters). I was actually looking for the size bolt holding the rear caliper holder onto the suspension arm... (if that makes sense) :whistling: Which may well be 13mm...
It does matter that it's an estate - the rear setup is different. Please put your car details in your sig to save us some time answering in future.

I was also referring to that bolt, which is 13mm on the hatch and saloon - the link I posted shows that bolt being undone.
Ah sorry for being dense, that's a huge help! Thank you very much Mark! (Hopefully I will have a signature now)
Just for the archives, it was a 13mm head, 10mm diameter and 25mm thread length.
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