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what facia surround

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hi guys what facia surround will i need to fit my alpine head unit

this one

or this one

both say they will fit but both look different

going to get a black one to match the surround either which way

whats the best way to remove the standard head unit,i know there is tools to remove it but is there a cheap way

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Either of those will do and the radio prongs to remove the standard h/u are like £2 from Halfords or eBay
I originally had the first one but found it didn't suit my sony head unit. The plastic surround that hides the cage on the head unit wouldn't clip on properly as it was squarer than the contour of the mondeo dash hole. Then bought the second one as there's a spacer rim around it and it sits perfect now
Excellent price for all that kit. Halfords would probably want at least £30 for that !

Popped in there at xmas for a fascia surround for my girlfriends Focus and they wanted nearly £15 for a single bit of plastic ! Lets just say I politely declined lol
exactly what i thought

i was looking at the halfords web site and they want silly money for it
LiamTye said:
thats the one i bought and it was worth every penny my new head unit looks good using this
There's a third surround you can use and It's better than the other two. Look in my garage and It's the picture with the JVC Head unit. You can get them off ebay.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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