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what next?

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got a new tyre for the alloy that had a blow out so i could finially get rid of that silly space saver. thought i would give it a really good scrub now spring is here(sort of), and it came up a treat and i wondered what mods could i do this year????
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decat, fast road cams, remap etc it'll go like a bastid and sound amazing :L

if i had a modded mk3 like that i'd be doing plenty to the suspension to stop it wallowing around.

also the focus ST 320mm brakes are one of the best mods you can ever do :L
i think the suspension is ok. i used to have a mk2 ghia that felt like a barge but the mk3 feel great and handles well but i have got dunlop 225/40/18's on it. used to have a performance air cone on it but didnt think the sound suited the car.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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