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What Price

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just wanted to know wot price i would be looking at for a new heated windscreen for my mk2 mondy on a W Reg
and no i didnt include windscreen cover on my insurance :crazy: (yes wot a spanner i am LOL)
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Should be about hundred quid-ish (20 quid + / -) mark including removal of old windscreen and fitting new one.

I've had one replaced on my st24 (and other cars) never used insurance route and always cost regardless of car, tint, heated or not circa hundred quid fitted.
A recent thread quoted a garage as saying something like £650 as it was a heated one (but with a mechanic offering to do it for £150 cash in hand after hours lol).

Even the last side window I had done was over a hundred.

Have you tried contacting a windscreen repair company like Autoglass etc, to see if they can do it on your insurance (even if you do not have separate cover on your insurance, but assuming you have fully comp).

The windscreen repair company will know if your insurance company will do it, even if the insurance company are a bit quiet on the subject!

Sorry if you have already gone down this route, but I am only offering suggestions.

On my policy (Direct Line), it is £10 for a repair, and £75 for a replacement heated screen.

Heated screens are more expensive to make, and take longer to fit, so will always be dearer than un heated ones :mad:
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£650? WTF

just ring round the local glass replacers and the national chains, like I said, had a heated windscreen replaced on the st24 shortly before christmas just gone and was in the hundred quid ball park.

No idea where the fuck £650 come from a windscreen, heated or otherwise.

just rung the place I use £160 with an offer of beating a cheaper quote I got elsewhere:

now thats dearer than I paid when I had mine swapped out just before christmas perhaps 20-40 quid dearer, but its still a damn site cheaper than 650, never heard of a price like that for a windscreen.
I agree it is a stupidly dear price, but it was the one quoted in the thread.

I only added it as a reference. At that price it would be cheaper to but an MOT failure (or even a runner lol), and pay a mechanic to swap the screens!
Even £160 sounds very cheap indeed. Last time I had one (4 years ago) I paid £50 excess but it would have been approx £400 if I didn't have it covered.
can only tell ya what they are charging now and how much it cost me 6 mth or so ago to have a heated tinted screen put into mine.

All the screens ive had, regardless of heated, tinted, vectra, mondeo, mondeo mk1 etc have all been around the 100 quid mark.

Im astounded that places would even suggest the figures quoted here.

Thats included removal of old screen, fitment of new, sealed up and mirrors etc transferred.
cheers 4 the replys guys i left the chip to long and its gone to about 15mm on the drivers side now (and quote me if im wrong (as i am normally wrong LOL) but they cant repair it over 10/13mm within the drivers view ?
My partner had a chip in front of her on her windscreen.

When it was time for her MOT, I told her to just be honest about it with the MOT tester, and admit she never looks where she is going anyway so it didn't matter :}
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