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What to do next? Ideas needed

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So i've de bump stripped it and i'm fairly happy with how it's looking. But what next? On i tight budget for a few months due to going on holiday ect.... so nothing too pricey
How it stands now, I'd love ZS bumper for it...but not happening for a while

p.s i know i need a new camera, samsung phone cameras suck


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220 rear bumper and twin exhaust or it. black eyes would be good. colour code the front bits on the bumper. fitted a st kit to my estate when had it.
I've been tempted by st rear bumper, but at the moment i don't have the cash to get one sprayed up...and no place to store it until i can. I'd like to do blackeyes but i'm scared of breaking the lens, i tried to do the 306 ones when i had one and snapped the lens getting it off.
bit of chromage won't do any harm :)

sooo...grill, handles, window strips?
It looks pretty good so far, I wouldn't personally go the chrome route.

How's about some window tints. I agree Black eyes would look good, then eventually a ZS front bumper.

The trick is to not get too carried away, which is very easy to do!
Black eyes and colour coded bump strips on front bumper as said above. Both very easy to do and not dear. I know you say you fooked the last ones you did but the wiki guide on here is very easy to follow and will look very smart.

The chrome does look good but I would personally go for a very dark look with your car just due to the colour of it. Tinted windows and smoked side repeaters would make it look very nice along with the above mods in my opinion.
I don't want to go down the chrome route really, I want to keep everything fairly dark, might get a spare pair of headlights to do blackeyes on
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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