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Whats my color code?

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Hey i have a mondeo mk2 dark blue (estate blue). I am going to paint some parts but i need the color code. I don´t have the vin plate because the own before me loft it when he hit a deer. Then i went to a ford dealer but he said it was a estate blue color but i he could not give me the code :S
Can any of you tell me the color code ?
It is the same color as this one :


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Colour code will be on a metal plate on the driver side B pillar, open the door and look near the door catch
Nice i will check thanks a lot :)
I found it but which one of the numbers is the one i need ?
Here you go mate, this explains it

That link is for the MK3, but on the LHS of the webpage you can choose mondeo, then the specific to your year.

Okay, but if i tell my painter the color is state blue i does not know it, can anyone give me something he will understand ?
Now i get it thanks a lot :D
As per above, the colour code is on the pillar.
Any painter will know what it means, as well as the fact you have the name of the colour, so could buy spray cans with the name of the Ford colour on them.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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