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What's the best access from cabin to engine bay for amp wire?

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I am going to be fitting a sub in my car and i would like to know what has been the best way that someone has managed to get the amp + wire to the battery from inside the car?

I know i should look for a grommet but there doesn't seem to be many accessible from the engine bay, so which one have others used?

Any pictures would also be great. It's being fitted to a MK2 '98 Mondeo Ghia X.

Any help would be much appreciated.

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most people use the grommet on passenger side, where the main wiring loom goes through behind the suspension turret to the fusebox under the dash.

its a bit of a faff to do, you can try using a coat hanger and pull the glovebox out to get better access.
Cheers for replying, i take it this is the one behind the cruise control actuator?
i'm a bit hazy on cruise control, i think thats where it is. its next to the brake servo but lower down (nearer to the wing).

you can pierce under where the wiring loom goes through (carefully) and shove your wire through the hole. i've done a few mondeo ice installs with this method and none have leaked in.
Ok, thanks.

I shall take a closer look, hopefully over the next few days when i get to install everything.
Right i've finally finished running the cables for my amp and boy are my hands sore. I finally managed to push the +'ve wire through the rubber gromet but had to move the cruise control actuator first but the bracket for it still doesn't allow for much room.

Now, my next question would be, where has people run their earth cable to? My cable is only about 50-60cm long so not sure where i can put it. Any ideas?

1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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