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Good morning Guys,

Last week i ran over a wheel chock from a lorry and destroyed one of teh rims on my '06 St TDCi, i ordered some wheels being very careful to calculate the offset of the wheel to make sure i had clearance to the shocks and outer wheel arch so i ordered a 7.5J ET45 so moving the wheel 7.5mm further out in the arch than the standard wheel to give clearance to the BC coilover but small enough to not stick out too far in the arch.

Now i have received the wheels the company has sent me a set with a 40 offest thus moving the wheel out 12.5mm towards teh outer edge of the car, i have tried fitting my standard wheel with a 12.5mm spacer to check clearances and it is all starting to look a bit tight to the carch even running at a standard ride height.

as i mentioned i have BC coilovers going on teh car ad plan to lower the car by aproximately 30-40mm.

does anyone on here have a car running aproximately 30-40mm lower than standard on BC coilovers and running a 7.5" rim (225/40/18 tyres) with a 40 offset and could they tell me wether there is plenty of clearance or not as the company i bough the wheels from is now being extremely unhelpful despite them sending me the incorrect wheels.


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