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Wheel wobble at 70MPH

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As above, I has a set of alloys/tyres fitted about 2 weeks ago, now at 70MPH I get a wobble, it also wobbles when i`m braking from 70MPH too, it never did it before with my old alloys, has anyone got any possible idea`s please, Sean.
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even though there new check wheels tight and get them balanced by some one even if they already balanced hope this helps mate
but dont over tighten mate

it will more than likely be just balancing
I did think about this but you`d expect them to NOT need re-balancing wouldn`t you, thanks for that, just needed someone else to confirm what I was thinking, cheers :)
I had a seized calper on the front,I had that done then thay said that the tracking was out so i asked them too rotate the wheels for me after thay had done it .Then after i was getting wheel wobble and brake juder . Some one on here said that it was from that seized calper that had caused the disk too warp. But i rotated the wheel back and hay presto no more wheel wobble or break juder .
Reads like a balance problem.... Most other issues would come in at a much lower speed.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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