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When should the cooling fan kick in ?

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A new thermostat solved the running cool issue - thanks for the help on that one.

I also confirmed that the coolant fan temp sensor works, but it does seem to come on rather late. Running temperature now has the needle just over the "m" on the gauge (which is a smidge to the right of the centre), but when idling the needle starts to creep up and the fan only kicks in when it passes the "L".

Once it has switched on, it only stays on for 10 seconds or so before switching off - and then the temp gauge slowly drops back to "a".

I should also mention that whilst the temp gauge was moving up the scale, I could hear a noise that sounded like water running through pipes.

So, is the car behaving as to be expected or is something weird going on ?
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Yep, coolant was changed when I had the cam belt and accessory drive belt replaced last week.

It was then topped up again when the thermostat was changed.

It sounds like it's fine - but on every other car I've had, the temp needle reaches the centre and never moved from there.

1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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