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ok so i keep coming across cars online wth these type of tail lights,i think they are chinese but for the life of me i cant find some anywehre!

i would really be happy if someone could help me track down a pair,i am really struggling to find anything about them

heres a picture

Tire Wheel Vehicle Automotive tail & brake light Car

any help i would be very very greatfull


also i have seen about 5 mondeo mk3's in american and mostly south american tv shows! they are near identical maybe apart from a grill. i mean they are completely the same!

what would these be called? because i assumed fusion but even older ones are a different car! see i thought if we found out there owuld be some features over there we dont get that would help us out!

thanks i hope to hear from you and please ignore my punctuation as i try but find it hard


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Yeah. Dutchguy is right. Those are the Chinese spec tail lights.

You might find a pair on eBay or Alibaba, if you keep an eye out.
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