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Where does this detached pipe go?

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A month ago I had to get the lock drilled out as the bonnet would not lift. Today I went under the bonnet for the first time to give the engine a light clean when I noticed a pipe/tube not attached to anything. I have taken a photo of it so can someone tell be what it is for and where does it go. It was sitting around the top of the radiator when I found it in the same position as the photo but just tucked away a couple of inches lower. The car is a 2005 2L automatic.
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IIRC it could be the pipe that attaches to the front centre of the inlet manifold. Obviously theres x4 inlet pipes and I think it could be the pipe that attaches in between them. You may need to take the engine cover off to see it (if you have one).
Well I have had another good look and I can’t see where it goes. It doesn’t seem to have an effect on the car and nothing appears to be leaking. Anyone else able to help me?
Thanks Rickybotts for your answer.

I took the car to the service department where they immediately identified the hose as a breather pipe that just clamps to the rear of the battery housing.

Maybe it was a bad photo but it seemed to defeat the experts here
Breather for the auto transmission? Does it route down to the trans housing? If so mine goes toward the firewall, clipped onto one of the hoses by the engine. It should be pointing downward so water can't get into it.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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