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Which battery

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Hi guys,

I really need to replace the battery in my mk3 mondeo 2001 car ... any suggestions please more than welcome. Nearly crashed this morning when my battery cut out!!! :E
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silver calcium, needed for smart charge. bit expensive, but worth it :)
what's smart charge mate? I'm not one for going for the cheapest of anything nor the most expensive usually. I'm a mid range kinda guy!
anyone? Just rang ford and got quote 130 quid for a silver calcium!!! feckin jokers! trouble is i can't find them anywhere else
god damn it now i'm getting really confused.. in the manual it states :

"Your vehicle is equipped with a lead/calcium battery (marked ca). This battery has to be replaced by a lead /calcium battery only. No other battery is to be used."

...So I can't use Silver Calcium?

Just to clarify it's a 2001 Y reg Mk3
They are the same thing as far as the car is concerned.

Are you sure it's your battery and not your alternator? Is the charge warning light on whilst driving?
Europarts about £60 for a decent battery, Cheapo ones start at £30..ish
thanks for the info guys, got a bosch 45 quid silver cacium s0004 or something
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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