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Which breakdown company would you recommend/

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Recommendations appreciated
Cover for 2 mondeo's :)
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Only ever been with Green Flag - only had to use them once and service was first class despite it being 4:30am.
I'm with RAC.
Was with Green Flag years ago and as they dont have dedicated patrols, they sub contract to nearest garage or recovery, ended up with some right cowboy who didn't have a clue.
I knew what was up with the car, I just wanted recovering but kept trying to suggest sh*t ideas and giving me quotes for work right up until I told him I'm a mechanic by trade, that i knew what was up and that I'd fix it myself.
When talking to the Greenflag bloke today - he said he does work for a number of recovery agencies including the AA. Didn't mention RAC. But greenflag are cheap and have always turned up quickly when I have used them.
I would recommend either the AA or RAC.
I used to work for the AA, and had to do research on all breakdown companies. Some office based, and some field based, including calling various companies, and checking response times (but with a thousand calls a day being made, not just one at a time).
The AA used to be by far the best, but the RAC has caught up recently, and have a much bigger share of the market.

If we look at huw1000's comment above, it is a one off, and it was also not surprising the response was quick at the least busy time of the day. The real test comes at 7.30-8.30 on the first icy day of the year, or on a bank holiday weekend. At these times, the small companies like green flag just don't have anywhere enough patrols to be effective. At these times some smaller companies call in extra help from local garages, at which point the roadside repair rate goes right down, and many customers are referred to the garages own service to fix their cars (note, that I did not say the garages are conning the motorist, as this is hard to prove).

I am currently with the RAC, and think they are OK (the membership was a gift).
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I've always used the AA, as they cover you not the car, so if your in a partners car and it breaksdown your covered long as your in it of course.
Sorted :)
Took cover with the AA as recommended by Phil (cheers) £88 for both of us (any vehicle) including recovery. Greenflag was £155 & RAC £101.

I was with greenflag years ago, broke down jst before juction5 m25. this guy turned up and recovered the car and took us back to this real grotty back street garage. Give the guy his due he fixxed the car although i had my doubts at the time :}
AA, been with them for 9 years
Depends what level of cover you get, you can get Personal based which covers you as a driver or passenger in any car or Vehicle cover which covers the vehicle no matter who's driving as long as they have policy holder's permission.
I'm with the RAC but through Aviva as it's 100% of the time RAC but for some reason, even without staff discount, a whole lot cheaper than RAC direct :ponder:
I did a comparison on all 3 using personal cover, when i changed it to vehicle cover it went up even more due to both cars being over 10yr old :}
That's what I like about the AA, the member is covered and not the car.
just this week renewed my RAC and been with them since 99 and it was £85 personal based in any car as driver or passenger with recovery and homestart :)
RAC for many years, Only used them twice.

1st time oil pump packed up & they arranged a hire car for me, free for 3 days.

2nd time i was just about to reverse upto the caravan & the clutch pedal stuck down.
The guy was excellent replaced the slave cylinder which is a PITA of a job on a range rover.
Sadly it was the master cylinder, which he couldnt get that late on a saturday afternoon.
Towed me home & i replaced it that night from a car i was rebuilding & off we went the next morning.
AA has always been great for us. I have just re-joined (always cheaper joining as a new member rather than accepting the renew quote) and got £45 cashback with one of the cashback sites. So i got Relay cover, for my wife & I for just £50.
SilverSaloon said:
AA has always been great for us. I have just re-joined (always cheaper joining as a new member rather than accepting the renew quote) and got £45 cashback with one of the cashback sites. So i got Relay cover, for my wife & I for just £50.
Bloody hell blast from the past :L
Do thge AA still only take you to the counties border before needing to get transferred?

My father in law always said the AA were terrible because he broke down one time & they did a relay thing & he ended up waiting each time. For the next truck.
Probably a long time ago now.

Dont fancy breaking down in cornwall and having to wait 3 or 4 times to get the car back home.
Unfortunately, due to EU laws and regs, I think you're only sposed to drive so far towing and I think this affects all breakdown companies :ponder:
That would just be tachograph law though, 45 minute breaks every 4.5 hours. If the vehicle has a tachograph that is.

A small transporter may be under the 3.5t limit.
No, AA and RAC trucks aren't fitted with tachos and the new rules forbid drivers of commercial vehicles, including rescue tow trucks, from travelling more than 62 miles from their bases unless the vehicle is fitted with a tachograph.

The new rules apply to lorries and vans weighing more than 3.5 tonnes.

Breakdown companies had thought they were exempt from the rules but, following a complaint , the Department for Transport ordered them to comply.
i used to be with the RAC but after having 2 bad and rude experience i moved over to the AA and have always been delt with very well one time i broke down in weston and my mates dad who was based there, put me first on the list for when he came on shift and recovered me all the way back to cornwall no problem, altho we did have to stop in exeter for a break
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