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which filter.urgent

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im in halfords trying to get an oil filter. Ive got a 2003 2.0l duratec. According to the chart its either a metal screw in type or a cardboard ring type. Which 1 is it. Need quick answer cuz wife wants to go
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the chart in alfords is model specific but why dont you just go and look at the filter in your motor and youll know immediatly which one fits .
Why did they revert back to the paper element? Messy..Messy...Messy.

They ditched these in the 60's for a better design = Spin on type.

Why the sudden change back?

Wonder how long it will be before carbs make a comeback & they tell use they were not as bad as they 1st thought?
thank god mine is a screw on job. every thing ready to do 2moz. even printed out a fancy checklist to do the service so i got something to putin the book
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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