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Which one

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i am looking at buying a newer mondeo, i carnt decided between the 2.2l or 2l diesel.

I am just looking for peoples opinions which to get
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Not a lot in it, same cars, only the engine is different. Fuel consumption will be very similar.

Same tax group, Insurance might be dearer.

150bhp in the 2.2 130bhp in the 2.0
id say the 2.2 because it will drive alot smoother with the more powerfull engine which means less stress on engine and if fuel consumtion is almost the same why not have faster car
If you can afford a 2.2 I'd get one, much more oomph when you want it.
does the 2.2 have leather standard
depends which model you go for?
ST ,will generally be half leather and Alcantara.
OR if Recaro interior- full leather
Titanium X ,will generally be half leather and Alcantara.(have seen full leather but rare?)
Ghia x ,will normally have full leather as std
all above are or are available as 2.2.TDCI
(Alcantara posh suede)
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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