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Which side of EGR to blank?

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Hi all, I have blanked my EGR valve off and its made no difference... i have a TDCI 130 2002, my brother said to blank both sides off so i have, is this right or is it better to blank just 1 side off? Its a manual EGR with no connector on it by the way...


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i didnt have to blank my 1st mondeos EGR off, simply pulled the vacuum pipe off and plugged that to stop air entering and the EGR cant open

the blanking plates simply block the airflow from the turbo (the 1" bore metal pipe)

what symptoms have you got?
theres only 1 place you can block it off, where the pipe comes in from the right

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ahh i blanked it on the bottom pipe and the side pipe, the symptoms are excessive black/grey smoke on acceleration, VERY loud diesel knock mostly on boost, and it jumps into limp mode when its hammered or put under load, then stop and restart and its fine again... it was only a stab in the dark, im prob gonna find it needs injectors refurbing/coding or something expensive but any advice will be well appreciated its doing my head in now its a lovely car accept the running issues... just cant get my head round the diesel knock its very loud and goes away when im in mid boost accelerating... ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
p.s, my EGR valve is by the turbo at the back, not at the front of the engine
and its been plugged in but "no codes present"! which is strange as i thought the glow plug light/limp mode sent a code?
leemutz said:
and its been plugged in but "no codes present"! which is strange as i thought the glow plug light/limp mode sent a code?
thats only on euro4 sensored my current Tdci 130 sob.....
so the EGR could throw it into limp mode and cause all my problems you think?
dont think so, not sure of yr fitment, i know the front mounted EGRs (no sensor) can be removed and a bypass fitted straight from the lower big boost pipe into the manifold
well if anyone could point me in the direction of someone who wants a cobble.....

Was it easy to get access to the EGR at the rear? Did you just removed the airbox and assembly?

I was just going to black the pipe underneath and I am not sure if that is correct either? I can't see it matters where you block it aslong as it's not circulating into the inlet manifold? Can some explain why it matters?
yeah move airbox n pipe, then its sat there lookin at ya, 2 8mm bolts easy to get to but the 10mm ones at bottom bit more awkward, i found a ratchet spanner was best bet.. yeah i dunno where to block it, i made my own blanking plates from welding tin actually... just used the original gaskets as a template, simples...
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