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why do i bother

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right my step son was knocked off his bike several weeks ago { only 4 weeks to the day he got his new bike }and it has just been settled, he got a settlement figure on friday, £2030 and his bike back, as it was a cat "D" economical right off, or £2900, he took the cash, as he told me he wants an X-Box 360 :eyesup: he thinks he can get another mint zx6 with 5k on the clock 1 previous owner and a years warranty { like he had } for the same price of £2600, he was lucky to get that looking at bike prices and it took me, not him, me 2 months of looking and 4 days of negotiations to get him a good deal.

looking round at the mo he will be lucky to get the same deal for £3400, i told him to get the bike baxk, all the new panels in the correct colour and with decals, only come to £1190, so he would have had loads left over, why oh why don't people listen to those in the know
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oh yeah £2900 is a nice amount but tbh its wasted on him lol
lol i know mate, he rang me and told me he has accepted the bike back so i went to the local kawasaki shop and the panels alone are £1380, i told him to buy second hand lol
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