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Why so inconsistant??

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Hi all

Just wondering, does anyone else find the performance of their TDCi inconsistant? Some days I jump in the car and it feels quite strong and others it just feels really flat. The other day I thought it poor on the way home. I then had to go out again about 45mins later and that time the power seemed much better. I never seem to know what i'm going to get from the car.

Does anyone else feel like this?

I do however need to disconnect/clean my egr and manifold.
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interesting, i used to get that feeling from my old 54 tdci zetec s, it was never exactly a slouch, but somedays it absolutely flew :driving: i couldn't really pin it down to anything esp' fuel ! i did wonder if the cooler air on cold days made a difference ? dunno :confused: I don't get that feeling in in my present mondy 07,2.2 tdci tit x,.
Yep air temperature makes a difference - colder air is denser so you get more going into the engine. So cold = more pokey - akin to the turbo pushing in more air to increase welly.

Would also recommend a good thrash down the motorway now and then - to get things moving about as they should be.

I've also found that adding Redex/Millers makes a difference to performance. If I forget to put either in I can tell.
Fuel quality? BP Ultimate makes a noticeable difference in my TDCi.
i sometimes get the same feeling but i think its just that, a feeling. i dont think theirs any reason why it should change as its been cold for along time now
Mine is a classic one for just this and believe it or not its better in warmer weather my car hates the cold,but then again you always get one lol, she flys when she wants too which isnt oftern these days :( got egr blanking plate to fit not got round to doing it yet as some nice man decided to drive into me thurs hopefully she wont be written off :( it did help when the manifold was clean and the egr but roll on summer :)
mine feels sluggish in the morning going out, and a lot quicker heading home...

and the same in the afternoon

hang on, is it the car or the driver?
Mine has been exactly like this for the last 50k. Sometimes you'll jump in it and it will fly. Others its not exactly flat, but nowhere near as responsive as before
Really glad i'm not the only one to experience this problem. I thought it might be pyschological and i'm sure sometimes it is. I do get stuck in a lot of traffic so I guess a good blast would do it good. I am getting smoke on full acceleration so I need to get that egr blanked, now the sun is appearing that might be sooner rather than later.
I have a spare blanking plate if yur interested it did make a differance blanking it and as yours is euro 3 you will have no eml probs :)
I've had this with all my diesel cars pug 504 d, pug 309 dturbo, pug 306dturbo, mk1 mondy, foci tddi and mk3 mondy tdci. Turbo/non turbo, direct/indirect and mechanical/common rail injection and they've all seemed to vary from day to day, sometimes fuel brand and temperature is noticeable (the mechanical ones used to be [email protected] off a stick from cold :) where the electronic engines do appear to take it easy in the cold). Other times there does not seem to be any correlation - i put that down to me perceiving things differently.
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