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That's a lot of money IMO, even if the calipers are new.

Also, it says 'sorry we cannot supply brackets' which I'm guessing means that the calipers don't come with any carriers for the pads. That would mean a trip to the scrapyard and the hassle of taking them off, or sourcing them elsewhere for £££.

Generally, a used pair of Mk3 front calipers+carriers goes for £40-£50. You could get a nice pair of discs and some decent pads for less than the extra £150 easy, especially considering that the discs and pads in that setup on ebay aren't the best you could get.

Mark_T had a nice setup for sale on here recently which included Goodridge hoses and had Mintex discs and pads IIRC, and he only wanted £150 for that. Might be worth a PT to see if he still has it.
Thank's for the info thought this was a bit much but all being new wasn't shure

is the mk3 calipers a straight swap?

thanks Davie
Yeah they should fit ok, you might just need a couple of washers behind the bolts on the hub to act as spacers.
Thanks for that

Just done the rear conversion (drums - discs) today so this is next and wasn't shure about it
going rate for mk3 front calipers, carriers, disks and pads is more like £100-150. i had a set for sale on here for ages and they didnt shift, i had to sell them on another forum :}

you can get a second hand set of 320mm focus ST225 asbo front brakes for £150-200 and they are much better, but you need to be sharp on ebay for them as they get snapped up quick (a common upgrade on other types of fords)
Would these fit straight on or need moded?
Thanks for that but was too late by the time i got in from work
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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