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Windscreen Washers and a moan

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Good Evening All,
I have a 04 Ghia x 2.0 TDCI 130 50k miles. I noticed a few days ago the pressure of the windscreen washers was going down and now the spray doesnt reach the windows. I tried the rear (dont use very often) and it doesnt work at all. Its making all the usual noises. Anybody know what this could be? :thankyousign: Oh yeah it has plenty of water!!

On a side note i love my Mondeo it is the perfect car for me comfy powerfull and everyone thinks its really nice. BUT the problems i have make me feel sick. Ive had the car for 2 years 6 months got it at 26,500 miles mint condition 1 owner from new.
2 sets of rear subframe bushes
Broken clips on one of the headlights (had to fudge a way to hold it in)
Faulty seal on rear drivers side door leaks on heavy rain
Front passenger door has bad wind noise at 60MPH plus
New clutch at 35k
New Turbo at 50k
EGR valve is blocked its unpluged at the moment waiting to be cleaned.
Front leather seats are starting to fray
Rear seats make a aweful noise as you go over a bump and the car flexs and the leather rubs.
Faulty wiring on front fog lights.
Wheels are corroded never been currbed must be bad quality.
I average around 49 50 MPG and i am as sensible as you like behind the wheel so its not because i hammer it. I love the car but i HATE it so much. :tonofbricks:
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you've jus tbeen unlucky mate

the washers are probablly gunged up where the filter is

if you do a searc it shoudl pull up lots of answers :)
Take the pump out & you might find the mesh filter on it blocked.

If you keep trying the wasers it will burn the pump out, It still makes a noise but fails to shift any water.
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