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wiper judder

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I have a mk3 ghia. It's a 2001 model. I've had the car 5 years now. I bought it second hand from a main dealer. It's always suffered from front windscreen wiper judder. I've changed the wiper blades 3 or 4 times since I've had the car but the problems always been there. It drives me mad on a long journey. Any solutions anyone?
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Have you tried the Flat Wiper baldes, like the Bosch aerotwin, they are good
Might be bent wiper arms.
I second the aerotwin blade idea though, they're very good especially when it's frosty as there's no hinge bits to freeze!
Bent arms or weak springs. Do you use good quality wipers?
Ive seen cheapo ones & they flop around from new.
AHA! Someone else with this problem!!!

Watch when the wipers auto park. Mine go down the screen and then come up slightly, so blades angled as though going to do an up-wipe. The blades then get used to sittin in this position and judder when next used.

My temporary solution was to lift the wiper arms momentarily so the blades are angled as on a down-wipe. Next time you use after sitting like this they will work fine. I have done this for 3 months and is a good short-term solution.

I looked at all the cars on a walk around the block and ALL (including one other Mondeo) stopped in the down-stroke position.

Long term solution (when I find the time) is to remove the arm from the wiper motor and reposition so they stop at the bottom of the down stroke (shift over a spline).

Hope this proves helpful.

Paul. :)
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