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Does anyone know what the different colors are on the wire going to the rear view camera?
As you can see from the picture there are 4 colors, and I have no idea which one is 12v, or ground.. I have tried to measure but there might be something wrong with the measuring device or me...
Wire stripper Wood Gadget Cable Electrical wiring
I need to know as I am trying to reconnect a universal camera on the original connection

Textile Grey Wood Audio equipment Flooring
I need the green farka connection to fit my new camera so I dont have to pull it all the way to the front
Wood Beige Cable Rectangle Electric blue

What I have figured out so far on the universal camera is that the Red = 12V, Black = Negative/Ground, Yellow = Video
I have no idea about green and white, however I´ve read somewhere that white might be VE- ? And green is typically audio..

Anyway, My main issue is to know the Ford wire colors :)
In advance, thanks to everyone contributing!


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