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Worth fixing?

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I have a Mk3 2002 tdci that I bought about 4 months ago for just under £ 2000.

The car recently has not been running well to say the least. Turns out that it needs a new starter motor, dual mass flywheel and wheel bearing for one of the back wheels. The garage has basically said that I would be better off buying another car as it would cost as much to fix etc.

I have just looked on ebay for the parts I would need and some of the prices look pretty do-able. Is it worth buying second hand parts? And is it the case that the labour charges might be more then the actual parts?

Would appreciate some help I am total newbie and know very little about mechanics.
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Welcome to MEG.

When the mechanic says it's better off buying another car.... it is as long as you don't get that problem again. That is one of the most expensive 'common' faults (along with the injectors) but once it's done then the car should be good for another few years. Buying another car means you have the risk of the same issue plus more. At least you will know that with your car the faults have been fixed :L
Welcome to Meg, my advice is get the Mondy fixed, and go to a different garage to get it fixed, coz they sounds like they can`t be arsed to fix it, or they dont want the job :annoyed:
been stuck like that before in the past and ask my self the same thing, what would be cheaper £2000+ to change car and like gingagizmo said possible same faults, or maybe pay £700+ and get it all put right and know the cars good for a few more years, its what suits your pocket best.
If it was me get the mondi fixed and keep for few more years, that must be the cheaper option, and if you dont fix it you cant sell it!
Hi you are newby and welcome .my advice is if you know very little about mechanics an your not able to do heavy work on the vehicle then get rid of the motor and get a smaller car . definitly do not attempt to fit secondhad dmf clutch or any part of the internal parts regarcing the clutch unless you want more grief ..its like throwing good moner after bad fitting seconhand flywheels or clutches or slave cyliinders you would want your head examined to do so ..most of the heads on here can attempt or do most of theier own maintainence and quite a few can do heavier work like clutch fixes and engine or suspension stuff is made sound easy ..well its not easy for a guy who has only done simple maintaince .Your mechanic who recommended you to change is the guy on the scene and he is giving you the best advice i recon but then im just another voice in the wilderness and i will not be there at the side of the road if yoou staring at a motor yoou have spent loacs of bucks on and is broken agin ..w
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lol had exactly the same issues bought mine 4 weeks ago now i had the dmf done at mr clutch for £714 inc vat but alot of people on here say if u shop around u can find garages that will do it cheaper the wheel bearing is proper easy to do did mine today and that terrible noise has now gone but not had any starter motor issues. But if your looking to get another mondeo or even vectra who use a dmf i d just fix yours its worth it cause at least you ll no what you ve got and you ll get warranty on the dmf
They always tell you the "dual mass fly wheel had gone", I was told that 80 k ago and it still runs fine.

They also tell you the injectors are "on their way out" and as my dad said "from the moment you first start it, they start to wear and will be on their way out" !
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