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Would this suit my car?

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I rather like the MG ZS on the back of this car (see link).

Do you think it suits the Mk3 or do you think its too much. Give me your opinions. Ta


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I actually like it.........a lot.

Needs to be on an ST or Zetec-S though. On a bog standard one it'd look out of place.

i like it mate go for it .its alot nicer than your current spoiler on your car .your car looks aggressive so i think the mg zs spoiler would suit and go well with your mondeos color :idea: :)
The spoiler is an MG-ZS extreme type spoiler,they have the same foot dimensions (for bolting on) as the MG spoiler that i had on my old car.

I know the car that is in the pic,its MondyTurbo's old car,with the duratec turbo engine conversion.

If you want one of those spoilers i have a brand new genuine one in primer,it was due to go on Ebay shortly,if you want it send a pt to me.
I think that spoiler looks really good on that car, and in fact the whole car looks good too IMHO.

I have looked at a few spoilers on ebay, just out of curiosity, and most of them look really poor, or have silly cut outs for the wiper arm, whereas the spoiler in the link suits the car and looks sporty, without looking boy racer-ish
Looks great, actually better on the Mondeo than on the ZS imho.

Only super slight criticism would be that to anyone who knows what they're looking at it's very obviously an MG ZS spoiler.

How about setting to with some modifications to it? Maybe extend it out a little over the quarter panels, or create more of a lip in the centre section.
I agree with everyone here - It's a nice spoiler. :L

And as yours is a Zetec S, it'd look even better. :)
huh, call that a wing?

nah, THIS is a wing............

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One of them Evo spoilers isn't it? :}
Call that a wing, this is a wing! :}

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I don't think you'd see my car under the last one!

I've bit the bullet and bought one, may get a Seat Cupra R splitter for the front as well.

Then again I might also get around to fitting all this kit!!!
Might want to do a propper front spoiler with that rear spoiler or at speeds you might start taking off! lol
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