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Wrong DMF??

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Got a 2002 130PS Ghia X TDCI with knackered flywheel, its May 2002 manu date, so bought a new (thru private) LUK 415018110 flywheel as that is the RIGHT ONE.

It arrived today and I immediatly saw its got the WRONG number of teeth on the back!!! It's got 34, but I already knew I needed 58 (the higher number if 58 isnt right) as I'd counted them while the starter was out for strip and clean before xmas.

WTF is going on!! I figured I was buying the right one. I got it cheap at half price but not much use if its the wrong one is it?!

So whats going on then?
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I just quickly entered your car into euro car parts and it comes up with the right flywheel with loads of teeth on it.

I think you either bought the wrong one or you got sent the wrong one.
It has the part number clearly on the flywheel.

In the back of my mind when deciding to buy it was the fact that mine appeared to have the later type flywheel with more teeth on it.

So if they were changed from sep 2002 onwards why hasd mine (May 2002) got the later flywheel on it? Its not like it was the change over month or anything is it.

Oh well, car isnt worth spending £350 on the kit and me fitting it, so it either waits for the parts to turn up cheap again , or gets sold on i guess.

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