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hello all are the front wishbones on ebay any good as i can buy a pair and get them delivered for £32.i`d pay that for one at my local motor factor..and do they need to be different for the st24 as they seem to state all models for the wishbones are the same? yours tony.
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hi Tony looks like you are groundbreaking here as I dont see many replies but if you check archives in here youll find some guys are really into the mods and have some fantastic projects afoot.I personally would advise you to get ford approved or guinuine ford parts for such a crucial part of the stearing and as these are so finely balanced stearing motors even the slightest difference can make them useless and for the sake of the extra bobs why not drive in confidence or part parity s
Ebay ones will last on average 12 months...sometimes they go alot quicker though! I would go for ford ones or delphi as they're suppose to be the manufacturers for the OEM arms.
cheers for that i didnt think they would be great quality for that money
i have just paid 45.00 for a new set and they last about 2 years
If you can buy a new set and change the bushes the poly ones
As far as longevity goes, I've had three new wishbones (and one with an advisory warning) over the last two MoTs... That's doing something like 20,000 miles a year though.

The pattern parts turn into an expensive habit if you're paying a garage to fit them every year... as I did!

That being said - has anyone heard of, or used, Lemförder wishbones? Euro Car Parts sell them at twice the price (£36) of the cheapo wishbones.
I bought the cheapest on ebay when I was repairing my suspension following a crash and although theyve got me about Im definetly replacing for genuine ford/delphi as they don't feel right.
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