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You think these 3 are connected?

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Engine has been running fine since I've had the car, only work done was to replace the manifold flaps last year.

Suddenly car idles at 1,000 instead of the usual 750/800.

When accelerating slowly, behind the usual engine sounds, now getting a nice like someone blowing down a toilet roll - very quiet though and cannot hear it when accelerating fast.

Temp gauge playing silly buggers going from cold, to normal temp, to cold, to 1/4, to cold, to normal temp etc

Whistling sound when put on heated windscreen - am led to believe it's the alternator.

Anyone think all 4 could have a common link?

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Possible air leak on the manifold or pipework. That would raise the revs.

Not sure if a dodgy alternator putting out erratic voltages would cause that? maybe.

Have you checked the belt for damage?
Run the engine & watch the belt see if it flaps around, Maybe the tensioner pulley.
Sounds to me like you may have a thermostat issue. It can cause higher than normal idle revs and that along with your erratic temperature would point to needing a new stat.
Cheers for the idea guys. Looking to change to both stats anyway as seen lots of people having problems with these.

Split/loose pipe could also be making the bizarre noise too if air is rushing out.

Cheers for this
Could it be the tensioner???

My reasoning:-

High idle due to intermittant load from ancilleries!?

Odd temp readings due to intermittent water pump operation!?

Whine from the belt slipping!?

Just an idea, but it may connect the issues. :idea:
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Tensioner as in aux belt tensioner? Am useless with cars.

Shouldn't (well hope) be that as was replaced end of last year with a new one from Ford.
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