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I've been searching everywhere for a definitive resource to explain and identify camshaft versions for the 1'8 and 2.0 black top motors.

I understand that they are identified by the rings that are cast in to them, and there are several sites that confirm the different cam specs and markings (ie, 105, 115 and 130 power versions) for the silver top cars, but not for the Blacktop cars. I found an ebay ad for some 2.0 cams and could read off the ring positions for them, but cannot find any info for the other 1.8 cams.

Similarly, does any one have any info for lift and duration, and timing for the different versions?

Anyway, any help would greatly be appreciated, and I hope might then be a resource for others trying to identify these components in future.

The reason I'm asking is that I have a Ford Zetec 1800 (Blacktop) in a race car. It's fitted with Jenny throttle bodies, Pectel T2 ecu, and a race manifold. I'm looking at uprating the engine and am aware that a cam change is an option. In the past it was well known that with the Silvertop 1800's you could swap the cams out for the 2.0 silver top versions and gain a handful of horsepower for not a lot. I'm intrigued whether the same is possible with the blacktop motor (I know that you can only use Blacktop cams in Blacktop engines)

Thanks for any input or suggestions.
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