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I know I'll get shot for posting this here, but I'm not getting much info in the non-mondeo bit, so here goes.

My wife has just bought a Mk4 Fiesta 1.4 16v with 69,000 miles on. The only problem I can see is the engine seems to be over-revving on startup, (upto 2000+ rpm), holding its revs to long on gear change, or as you pull up to a junction and its hot idle is about 1000rpm which I know is to high.

I was told by the previous owner that thay had replaced the TPS and IAC valve and ford had also updated the ECU??

Any advice greatly appreciated!!



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if the inner part of the throttle cable is frayed anywhere it may cause it to stick or return slowly.

maybe worth checking the butterfly in the throttle body to make sure it is fully closing

James_McHattie said:
a throttle hang would be useful for changedown.
- the car still accelerates when you release the throttle
- you cannot utilize engine braking, especially dangerous when driving downhill
- higher fuel consumption
- i can do heel and toe already

i guess its not a good thing to have
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